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2020 Split Boat Tours



Sailing in Croatia is the kind of experience that hits you smack dab in the face. At the same time, this is quite a relaxing or pleasant “smack” and one that never fails to impress visitors to Croatia.


It’s true, there is simply no better way than sailing between the islands and coastal cities to experience the best of Croatia. In fact, taking a boat tour is the only way to access some of the most impressive attractions such as the Blue Cave and Blue Lagoon, while the cost of taking these boat tours is often rather small in comparison with renting a yacht for example.


But what makes Croatia boat tours so enjoyable?


In this article, we talk about why you should consider an early bird deal for boat tours in Croatia.



Why Sailing in Croatia Should be on Your Agenda for 2020



Croatia is blessed with some of the most magical islands and spectacular scenery in the world. With reliable weather, pristine waters and beautiful vessels, this is also one of the best places in Europe to take a boat tour in particular. And then there’s the actual experience of sailing, for taking a boar tour is a very relaxing and unique experience that allows for a very different perspective of this remarkable destination.


And that’s just part of the story…


Aside from all of the above, you also have a skipper on board to take care of navigation and the actual boat. What’s more, a tour guide can explain the features of your surroundings and no sailing knowledge or experience is needed to get around. As if that’s not enough, Croatia boat tours are far more affordable or less daunting than renting a yacht and learning to navigate from one of the coastal cities.


Let’s take a closer look at where you might want to take a boat tour in Croatia and how you can discover some early bird options that will help you spend less and see more in the new year!



Where to Start and Where to Sail in Croatia



Firstly, where should you even start when it comes to taking a boat tour in Croatia?


Well, Hvar, Brac and Vis are some of the most popular islands to visit in Croatia. On each of these islands, you can uncover stunning beaches, quaint towns and sublime food. At the same time, you can take a boat tour to the Blue Cave from Bisevo Island, while the Blue Lagoon is most accessible from the iconic Drevnik Islands. In short, there are many options, but more on that in a moment.


In truth, most of the coastal cities in Croatia provide easy access to the islands but either Split and Dubrovnik are often the most popular choice for visitors. More specifically, we recommend that you decide on which islands you wish to visit and then correlate your decision with whatever city is closer in terms of taking a boat tour. Just so you know, we can also give you some assistance with making this decision based on whatever you want to see or do on your trip to Croatia – Get in touch.


Croatia: Best Time for Boat Tours in 2020




Island of Hvar


Believe it or not, Croatia is the ideal destination for anyone wanting to escape the crowds.


But how can you avoid crowds in such popular destinations?


As you may know, some islands are less busy than others. However, you can find a much quieter experience by taking a boat tour in Croatia outside of the busy months. That is to say, the month of April or May is a fantastic alternative to July and August. Aside from the reliable climate, this is a time when you can also find better prices for boat tours and far less people on board.


In case you might be asking yourself, these early-bird deals are also popular for places like the Blue Lagoon and Blue Cave because these particular trips can be extremely busy during the peak season!


Now, that’s not to say you must visit either of the above attractions but rather to point out one of the many reasons to visit Croatia early in 2020. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best destinations and boat tours in Croatia that you might want to consider:



Destinations and Boat Tours in Croatia that You Might Want to Consider




Boat Tour to Korcula Island from Split



Another great destination for an early-bird boat tour in Croatia is Korcula Island. Made famous for being the birthplace of Marco Polo, this island is filled to the brim of ancient towns and architecture. At the same time, you will find stunning landscapes on the interior and many wineries in between. What’s more, Korcula has a handful of incredible beaches and far less people than nearby Brac.


Just so you know, Korcula Island is also close to the city of Split which means that you can easily combine a boat tour with a city visit and more. Check out our early-bird deals here.



Boat Tours to Mljet National Park



Mljet Island is arguably one of the most attractive islands and one of the best places to take a boat tour in Croatia. Also known as Mljet National Park, the island is overflowing with forests, lakes and hidden natural features. As part of boat tours to Mljet Island, you have time to explore these stunning features and take time to witness some of the most luscious sights in all of Croatia.


Although easily accessed from Split, boat tours to Mljet Island can be reserved from various locations and the effort to reach this part of the world is sure not to disappoint!



Boat Tours to the Blue Lagoon and the Drvenik Islands





As you might have noticed, Split is a fantastic city from which to start your visit to Croatia. With so many attractions, the city is a reason in itself but then many boats tours from Split will also visit the nearby islands. In this instance, the Drevnik Islands offer the perfect island excursion for visitors to Split and an encounter with some of the most pristine waters in Croatia.


On the actual islands, you will find lush forest canopies and sandy beaches, while the tiny population ensures this is also quite a cultural experience. That is to say, the Drvenik islands are home to less than sixty people which makes each landmass seem empty, but in the nicest possible way.


And then there’s the Blue Lagoon!


That’s right, you can easily take boat tours to the Blue Lagoon from the Drevnik Islands and this is another of the most popular attractions in Croatia. Featuring crystal blue waters and surroundings, the only real way to appreciate this part of the world is on a boat tour and no amount of photographs will ever do the experience any justice!




Bol Town and the Boat Tour to Brac Island




Now, while we recommend taking a look at some of the lesser known islands, that’s not to say the likes of Brac should be avoided. The truth is, Brac is famous and popular for good reason and home to many wonderful experiences that you can encounter on a boat tour. For instance, Zlatni Rat is worthy of its reputation and one of the best places to relax on the islands. During the early part of 2020, this will also be less busy and a better time to soak in the local experience and surroundings.




Meanwhile, you can take hiking tours on the interior though beautiful landscapes, and the ancient town of Bol is possibly the most impressive on the islands of Croatia. Either way, taking a boat tout to Brac during the quieter months ahead is a great option to see a most popular island without the crowds!




Boat Tours to Hvar in the Quieter Months of 2020



It’s true, Hvar is one of the two most popular destinations for boat tours in Croatia and this is sure to be the case in the year ahead. Featuring excellent restaurants, facilities and places to stay, this is also one of the more comfortable islands on which to stay during a boat tour. During the early months of 2020, however, you can expect great prices and a much quieter destination.


After all, Hvar only gets busy toward the end of May and anytime before this month is sure to be less busy, while still offering all the same benefits of a visit during the peak summer months. Anyway, you get the point, boat tours to Hvar might be more popular but there is still every reason to check out the early-bird deals for Hvar boat tours in 2020.



Boat Tours to the Elaphiti Islands




Another of the lesser known islands is Croatia is the Elaphiti Islands. It’s true, Hvar, Brac and even Bisevo are better known but let that not dissuade you from discovering these stunning islands. In fact, the Elaphiti Islands is often the unsuspecting highlight for visitors, such is the extent of stunning beaches and luscious interior. You will also find very small towns with fantastic eateries here, while the nearby forests, coves and beaches provide endless places to get lost in the beauty of Elaphiti.



Boat Tours to Vis Island



Vis island is admittedly a lot quieter than the other islands at any time of year and this is especially true when you visit before the summer months. That being said, this is even more reason to visit earlier than planned in 2020 and it’s also such a great opportunity to see island life in all its glory. In other words, life is a lot slower on Vis and a place were quaint villages are almost as common as the quiet coves around the island. In fact, Vis offers a nice combination of quiet island life and tourist infrastructure which means that you do not need to compromise on comfort during your visit. Several boat tours can accommodate the island of Vis and this is especially true for visitors who might want to visit Bisevo island nearby.



Bisevo Island and Boat Tours to the Blue Cave






For most people, Bisevo island is merely a gateway to a much more famous attraction. However, this beautiful island features stunning beaches and friendly locals at every turn. In fact, this is another great alternative to Brac and Hvar which are much more busy and somewhat commercialized, while there is always that aforementioned “famous attraction” on the doorstep.


You see, most visitors to Bisevo will arrive to take boat tours to the Blue Cave which is accessible by boat only. With a stunning underwater light show, the Blue Cave is also one of the most impressive attractions in Croatia and worth every ounce of the attention it receives. In short, a boat tour to the Blue Cave will time each visit according to the sunlight that enters this small cave at a certain time of day. For this reason, the tour is only available on request and prior booking is always recommended.


Anyway, the point is, Bisevo is a beautiful island with more than a few reasons for which to visit. Also, the opportunity to take a boat tour to the Blue Cave is something you will never forget!



Final Thoughts



As you can see, there are many islands in Croatia to visit and each one offers something slightly different to the next.However, taking advantage of early-bird offers will enable you to take boat tours without the crowds to even the most popular places to visit in Croatia. As if that’s not enough, we already mentioned the lowers costs during these months and the fact that the weather, conditions and logistics are pretty much the same at any time of year.


Moral of the story: Don’t wait for the summer and check out our early bird deals for boat tours in Croatia, today!