Best time to visit Croatia after Corona



Last year at this time our streets were busy like anthills, from Monday to Sunday people came from all over the world wanting to get acquainted with Croatian culture, language, way of life while enjoying the summer sun, the Adriatic Sea, gastronomy and friendly people. It is the happiest and most colorful period in Croatia, when everything wakes up after a long and cold winter.



CHALLENGING 2020: About 30 percent of last year's tourist traffic is expected in Croatia




Unfortunately this year things are a little different. After the terrible Covid-19 virus that ravaged the whole world, the situation with tourism is stagnating. No murmurs, no people, no travel; main squares, promenades, beaches, restaurants are empty. Everything stopped. Croatia is among the few countries that entered the quarantine phase early and was among the first to leave it. With the help and will of the Croatian people, we managed to crush this virus in 2 months, of course, with great caution that still accompanies us.



And again, after a while people started to gather, the children continued to play, the parents started working. Also, several tourists have already arrived in our region, which gives them a great advantage. There are no traffic jams on the roads and at the borders. So far, it has been announced that in the last week, over 8,400 foreign citizens have entered the territory of the Republic of Croatia, which is a very good number considering that we came out of quarantine 2 weeks ago.


At the time when this article was being written, 6,000 new tourists have entered Croatia, as per infromation obtained from the Croatian tourism organization. While so far 2,1 million tourists have been in Croatia in total.


We certainly hope that this number will increase over time and that more and more people will learn about Croatia as one of the world's best summer destinations. To add, accommodation units are cheaper than ever, the beaches are cleaner and empty than ever before. The sea has completely recovered, and is still the most beautiful and cleanest and warmest sea in the world.




Croatia's best seaside destinations – and where to stay




Tourist arrangements such as boat trips, boat transfers, any kind of boat services and various land excursions are sold at lower prices. The most famous places in our region such as Blue Cave, Blue Laggon, the island of Šolta, the islands of Hvar and Brač are now the best idea to visit, without hundreds of people tripping over your feet, without kilometers of columns of people pushing to see various monuments, fortresses and museums.


You will get real value for money this summer.Although all this hustle and bustle and other things that mass turism has its charms, I think that this type of vacation is very special and different because we hope it will not happen so often or not at all. This is a special opportunity to experience both for us representatives of tourism and for you who consume it. Not forget to mention that restaurants, cafes and hotels are waiting for you with open arms ready to provide the best satisfaction and quality of their services.




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Croatia is a Corona free country and is ready for new challenges that await us with you as our most loyal guests.

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