What to do in Croatia during the pandemic?

Focus on the private tours! Visit all the places you want, but privately! It's the most safe way to complete your wish list!




Private tours will become the most popular way of traveling for daily excursions. The focus is on social distance with people that are not in a close realtionship with you. Due to that, private boat tours will be much more popular than the group tours. It is not a secret that the group tours are easier to organize, and also therefore cheaper, but think in this way. On a private boat tour you have your own schedule, you are "creating" a route and you can spend as much time as you want on the island you choose.

There are so many advantages of choosing a private boat tour rather than a group tour. You have your privacy, you're spending your time in the way you want, and you're paying someone to take to the places you have always wanted to visit. 




  1. Hvar 
  2. Bol ( Zlatni rat) 
  3. Blue Lagoon 
  4. Blue Cave 
  5. Island of Šolta    

Pandemic is everywhere, but Croatian islands are one of the safest places on the Earth. Beacause of that, many people are picking Hvar, Bol, Blue Lagoon or the Blue Cave for daily boat trip from Split. Families are usually choosing island of Šolta rather than the Blue Cave. It's a peacefull place with amazing crystal clear sea and green enivronment. 


Enjoy the nature

It doesn't mean that you will miss out the full experience. Sometimes during a high season, it's impossible to visit some places beacuse of the crowd. In this way, you can discover some hidden bays, visit beaches that are even more beautiful than the popular ones and you can capture the best moments to make some new memories. You can have a glorious view from the boat and enjoy the stunning nature. It's true, maybe you won't be able to party all day in Hvar, but you can still have a great day with fantastic cocktail in your hand somewhere where crowd doesn't exist. 



Credits: Croatia.hr