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New boat tour from Split


Let’s be honest, there is no better feeling than standing on deck with a soft breeze running through your hair and the sun on your face. Now, that’s not to say everywhere is privy to the reliable weather in the Mediterranean but rather to point out the sheer relaxation on a boat tour in Croatia.



It’s true, taking a trip to Croatia is always enjoyable and with so many amazing cities, parks and sites, the country never fails to wow visitors. However, there is nowhere as special as the islands in Croatia and taking a boat tour between the many attractions is obviously the best way to experience them.


For those who wish to kick back and relax, boat tours also provide peace of mind in the form of a skipper, and an experienced tour guide to point out local history and everything worth your time.



With this in mind, our new boat tour to the island of Solta is filled with fun times and exciting encounters. What’s more, this unforgettable tour also takes in the Blue Lagoon, Trogir and Milna on the island of Brac. Whether you yearn to get lost on the ancient streets of a quaint village or relax on some of the most enticing beaches in Croatia; there is something for everyone on this particular trip.



In other words, you can experience a little piece of everything on this tour and not least of which is a unique perspective of the iconic islands of Croatia.



But when should you go? What can you expect? And where exactly does the tour take you?



Let’s take a closer look at the Solta Boat Tour!



The Best Time to Take a Solta Boat Tour


In case you might be asking yourself, there is no such thing as the best time to visit Croatia. It’s true, July and August are far more busy than that rest of the year but May through October is just as enjoyable. In fact, many visitors prefer May and September for our Solta boat tours because the weather is not so hot and there are fewer people at this time of year. What’s more, this entire period is ideal for swimming and sunbathing, not to mention cruising the sun-kissed waters of Croatia.



About the Logistics of this Boat Trip



While much of the enjoyment and pleasure happens on board, our visitors are always just as excited to jump off and explore each destination. With this in mind, boat tours offer the perfect mix of activities and relaxation with each town providing adventure and the deck being a haven for rest.


You won’t need to take food or water on this tour either, for a tour guide is always on hand to point out the best places to eat. In fact, sampling the local cuisine or delicacies is another importance part of each boat tour. And because a skipper takes care of safety and navigation, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the ride before exploring Trogir, Brac and the magical surroundings of the Blue Lagoon.



About the Times and Duration of the Solta Boat Tour



While the itinerary is somewhat flexible on timing, we ensure a timely departure and arrival for every stop. For this reason, our skipper can cruise between each destination and you get to experience a much more leisurely ride as a result. Just so you know, this is a one day tour and boats depart daily from a set location on the coastline. As a rule, the itinerary is set in such a way that you get more time in each destination and not so long that you are left hanging around with nothing to do!



What You Can Expect on Board the Boat



In case this might be your first time on a boat tour, you should know that sailing is an incredibly relaxing way to see Croatia. In many ways, this is also the best way to travel in this part of the world and an opportunity to see the country from a different perspective. Moreover, Croatia is just as much about the islands as the towns or cities and boat tours offer the ideal way to take a trip that encompasses all the above.


Whether you want to sit back and relax or get out there and be active, there is a nice mix on these tours that allows guests to do everything in their own way whether that included sunbathing, walking, swimming, or eating food and drinking wine. Anyway, you get the point, there are many sides to a boat tour in Croatia and each one can be enjoyed just as much as the next. Now, let’s take a look at some of the main locations and attractions that you can expect to encounter on this trip:



Solta Boat Tour: Locations, Attractions and What to Expect




Exploring the Ancient Streets of Trogir



Trogir is a magnificent town to the south of Split on the Dalmatia Coast of Croatia. Unfortunately for many tourists, they miss out on this beautiful encounter for the sake of spending more time in the major cities. The truth is, as notable as these cities might be, nothing compares to small town Croatia.


That is to say, life is a lot slower in Trogir which can make this such a relaxing place to explore. With 14th century churches and a maze of cobblestone streets, this is also a very ancient destination that overflows with culture and history.


For example, you can climb to the top of St Lawrence Cathedral for a birdseye view or set foot in Kamerlengo – the imposing fortress at the top of Trogir. Believe it or not, this structure was created by the Republic of Venice and the enchanting architecture is a sight for sore eyes. Also known as “Little Venice” or “Stone Beauty”, Trogir is a truly remarkable city next to the ocean and now also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will find medieval walls and hidden beaches in behind and all of these attractions are readily accessible on foot.


And then there is the food, for delectable seafood can be found on every corner and side street throughout the town. It’s true, Trogir is dripping with delightful experiences and this is just the first of many encounters on the Solta boat tour that will leave you gasping for more.


And what about the infamous Blue Lagoon?



Visiting the World Famous Blue Lagoon



As you may know, the Blue Lagoon is one of the most popular attractions in Croatia. We visit the lagoon as part of our boat tours and this stunning spectacle never fails to impress everyone on board. Located between the two islands of Krknjaši, the Blue Lagoon features crystal waters and an endless horizon in every direction. When we stop over, guests are encouraged to enjoy some swimming or snorkeling and as you can imagine, there are few better places for both activities.


Instead of frolicking in the sun, you also have the option of visiting a nearby village but either way, a trip to the Blue Lagoon is always worth the effort. For those who many not know about this attraction, you will find many photographs and testimonials about the Blue Lagoon on the website. Either way, this is a remarkable sight and certainly one of the highlights of the tour.



Stepping Onto Solta Island: Necujam & Stomorska



Solta is a beautiful island at the heart of the Dalmatian archipelago. With it being located just east of the Drvenik islands, this means a short trip from the Blue Lagoon to our next destination. Featuring tanned beaches and pristine water, you will find a very relaxed atmosphere on the island. What’s more, many local farms produce an impressive lineup that you can sample such as honey, olives and wine.


As for specific places, we arrive in Nečujam which is a small village and bay on the north coast of the island. In fact, this is the largest bay on the island with stunning views and a series of beautiful coves nearby – eight in total. Meanwhile, a quaint town provides many excellent places to eat or grab some wine and that’s not all. You see, Necujam is another cultural town with a seafront promenade and friendly locals which make this not only an idyllic place to visit but also a great insight into local life on the island. But this is just the first of two spots we explore on Solta Island.


Stomorska is a cadastral and village not too far from Necujam and the oldest on the entire island. At the center of town, a hive of activity can be found at the marina where fishermen and tourists are just as common and the hospitality is second to none. That is to say, Stomorska is known for providing excellent service and a warm welcome in the port known as Rogac. Although several cafes and bars are dotted around town, this is also the kind of place where watching the fisherman is a favourite pastime for visitors. Meanwhile, a stunning stretch of beach can be found nearby and on a hot day, this is the perfect place to escape the town and head for a relaxing swim. Indeed, with a rustic charm and so much ancient history, Stomorska is truly memorable place to visit on Solta.



Brac Island: Visiting the Town of Milna



While you might not know about Milna, you have surely heard about the island of Brac. Situated just a short distance from Solta, Brac is arguably the best known island in all of Croatia. Featuring benches, bays and hidden coves at every turn, this is also one of the most scenic. In fact, you will also find Zlatni Rat here which is known as one of the finest beaches in the Mediterranean. As if that’s not enough, lush forests and mountains dominate the interior, while the cobblestone streets of Bol Town offer a very different insight to island life.


That being said, we keep out focus on the town of Milna for this adventure. Named “the bay of a thousand ships” by the Venetians, this area is steeped in history and oozing with charm. And it’s been this way for centuries, for every sailor of the past would find this same town just as enchanting as tourists do in the modern era.


Milna is also known as the safest harbors on the island and a busy marina offers the perfect place for a stroll. Meanwhile, stone houses line the sides of town and beautiful churches stand in between with a striking bell tower at the center. You can step inside these churches to admire the architecture or stick to the maze of streets but either way, Milna is a joy to explore. As for what else you might want to do, the food is exemplary and some tourists even take to fishing, swimming and snorkeling.



Final thoughts



As you can see, we take in quite a lot on this particular boat tour. However, there is also plenty of time at each location and more than enough space on board to feel relaxed. While Milna and Trogir are always popular stops, the Blue Lagoon is a magnificent sight and one that you will not forget anytime soon. At the same time, Solta Island is growing in popularity and the truth is, this hidden gem in the Dalmatia islands is popular for good reason. But don’t take our word for it and come find out for yourself…..what are you waiting for? Get in touch!




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