Croatia is one of the most exciting and fastest growing tourist destinations for good reason. It’s true, sublime food, friendly locals and a near-perfect climate can be found at any time of year in Croatia.


Croatia is one of the most exciting and fastest growing tourist destinations for good reason. It’s true, sublime food, friendly locals and a near-perfect climate can be found at any time of year in Croatia. On the other hand, the islands of Croatia are some of the most idyllic in the world and an endless lineup of natural attractions and things to do make these islands ripe for an adventure.

For instance, fancy a quiet fish picnic next to the ocean? The Elaphiti Islands are quiet haven with hidden coves, empty beaches and divine seafood. What about a trip to a turquoise paradise? You can take a boat tour to the Blue Lagoon from Brac. As for something truly mystical, people come from all over the world to travel deep inside the Blue Cave Tour at Bisevo island. More on that later.

Anyway, the point is, Croatia is an incredibly exciting place to go island-hopping and in this article, we take a closer look at some of the most beautiful islands in Croatia that you should visit:

The Island of Vis – For Somewhere Quiet and Away from the Crowds

As already mentioned, the island of Vis offers a more peaceful encounter in comparison with Brac or Hvar. That is to say, the island is less busy and less populated which can make this a better option for those wanting to avoid the crowds. As you travel around the island, small towns provide a beautiful insight into life on the islands, while offering a nice mix of eateries with seafood and local delicacies.

Just so you know, Komiza is a lovely fishing village on Vis with a small harbour and friendly locals. For photographers, this is a great opportunity to capture island life and for everyone else, it’s the perfect place to relax and unwind. Meanwhile, Stiniva is one of several beaches that lay down the ideal spot for a fish picnic and the same can be said about the coves or bays in between. In this sense, Vis is quite an easy place to avoid the busyness of life and find solace through the hidden places in between.

 As if that’s not enough, a rugged interior is waiting to be explored before moving onward to nearby Bisevo…

Bisevo Island – For an Encounter with Translucent Waters on the Blue Cave Tour

It’s true, Bisevo can be reached from the island of Vis but either way, this stop should be a priority on your itinerary for the islands of Croatia. Although very small in size, Bisevo has a beautiful town and offers quite a big and memorable experience, not least of which is a visit to the Blue Cave.

For many visitors, the Blue Cave Tour is the most enchanting thing to do in Croatia and one of the most memorable sights that they will ever see. It might sound like an exaggeration but the truth is, this unearthly sight is nothing short of a phenomenon. In case you might be asking yourself, the Blue Cave is located on Bisevo Island and only accessible on boat.

But what actually happens and what is so special about the Blue Cave?

The Blue Cave is a small cave on the coastline of Bisevo. Visitors can travel inside this cave on a boat tour to witness a light show that takes place once every day. More specifically, after sun rays pass through an opening underneath the cave, the water shimmers with a unique shade of blue and this only begins to describe the sight.

Needless to say, you can only visit the cave at a certain time of day but boat tours into the Blue Cave run daily between 11am and 12pm. 

Korcula Island – For Wine Tours and a Quieter Version of Brac

Korcula is easily reached on boat tours from Split and this is actually the birthplace of Marco Polo. For this reason, you can expect an encounter with history and ancient remnants or facades at every turn. For example, the old town is filled with beautiful cobblestone streets and churches and renaissance architecture is visible throughout.  On the other hand, you will find rolling landscapes outside the main town and several wineries that provide daily tours to wine-enthusiastic visitors.

Aside from the small villages you find around this island, Korcula has lots of small beaches to explore. For something different, it’s even possible to enjoy sunset dinner on a private yacht and for everyone else, Korcula is like a quieter version of Brac or Hvar – which can’t be a bad thing! 

Mljet Island – For a Mystical Encounter with Mother Nature

Mljet Island is actually a National Park and protected for more than fifty years in this repect. Upon first sight, it’s easy to see why, for the region is a pristine paradise with so much to offer.

But what exactly can you expect on Mljet?

Well, Mljet is the kind of place that makes you feel like you are visiting another planet. In fact, as a protected park, this can feel like an unexplored haven where Mother Nature takes prominence in every way. Featuring enchanting lakes and beautiful, dense forest, the island is overflowing with natural attractions. Further, you will find many exotic species of wildlife here and the most mystical environment in which to see them.

Among the nearby islands, boat tours to Mljet from Split are frequent and arguably the best way to experience one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia.

The Island of Brac – For Zlatni Rat and the Mystical Bol Town

Brac is arguably the best known island in Croatia and a stunning haven with peaceful beaches and stunning bays. In fact, Zlatni Rat is one of the nicest beaches in Croatia and a great place to unwind at any time of year. That being said, Pvlja and Murvika tend to have less people and just as much to offer with fine sands and beautiful ocean vistas as far as the eye can see.

However, there is much more to this landmass than iconic coastline and lush forests, mountains and rolling landscapes can be found amidst the interior. As if that’s not enough, Bol Town features many attractions and ancient remnants, while the beautiful cobblestone streets make this the perfect place for an afternoon stroll. With this in mind, the Bol Tour is a great way to explore and take a more insightful adventure around this mystical town.

And that’s just part of the story…

For anyone that really wants to “get out there” on an adventure, the peak of Vidova Gora also sits over the town of Bol. You can take to many walking trails in this area and take in some of the most memorable views of the landscapes on the island. Moreover, you can also enjoy some of the finest wine in the region on a wine tour in Bol and witness the traditional process behind the produce. The truth is, it might not be something that you associate with the islands of Croatia but this rich wine is bursting with flavour and hugely popular with the locals for a reason.

Wanting more about the islands of Croatia?

The Island of Hvar – For Easy Access to Natural Attractions

You can also join a Hvar boat tour from the island of Brac. Hvar is another idyllic island in Croatia and one of the better destination in terms of tourist infrastructure. Now, that’s not to say Hvar is overrun with visitors but rather to highlight the excellent lineup of shops, restaurants and bars that you will find on the island.

As you might expect, this means that Hvar has a buzzing nightlife and a wide variety of local seafood dishes. For instance, Pasticada is a local dish that never fails to delight visitors, while the lobster in this part of the world is just as famous as the blue waters from which it comes. What’s more, an excellent road network ensures the many beaches, towns and natural attractions on the island are easily accessed.

The Elaphiti Islands – For Escaping the Crowds and Finding Local Experiences

As with the other islands in Croatia, the Elaphiti Islands are blessed with idyllic beaches and beautiful coastal views. It’s also another of the more quieter islands which makes it easy to escape the crowds, while the small towns offer the perfect place to take a pit stop in between.

What’s more, due to the lesser number of tourists, a “local experience” is much easier to find on the Elaphiti Islands. Meanwhile, travelling into the interior, you can find even less people and more luscious surroundings, for there are many forests, hills and peaks to uncover. It’s true that the Elaphiti Islands may not have the same infrastructure or lineup of places to eat but the local experience on offer is second to none.

As for how you reach them, many boat tours from Split to the Elaphiti Islands provide easy access. Also, once you arrive, it’s still rather easy to get around and the hidden coves make for a delightful escape from the norm. More importantly, the Elaphiti Islands are stunningly beautiful in every way!

The Drvenik Islands – For an Unforgettable Trip to the Blue Lagoon

Some visitors take the Trogir Ferry to the Drvenik Islands but a boat tour is most certainly the easiest way to reach this archipelago. Located off the coast of Split, Drvenik Mali and Drvenik Veli are two small islands which are known for having a large population of olive tress and sandy covers. You will also find a quaint village with Venetian architecture and St George’s and St Nicholas’ Church. While there are very few people living on the island (56), you should also know there is a much greater attraction that visitors come to see…

Have you heard about the Blue Lagoon? Located near the Drvenik Islands, the Blue Lagoon is a truly magical encounter in the Adriatic Sea. More specifically, this attraction features blue azure waters and endless views of the Mediterranean horizon. Although you can see similar features in different parts of the world, there is no doubt that the Blue Lagoon stands out as one of the most impressive.

In many ways, this is one of the best things to see and do in the archipelago and an example why the islands of Croatia are so incredibly popular. In other words, no words can accurately describe the beauty of this feature and the Blue Lagoon Tour is simply something that you need to experience for yourself.

Conclusion – Visiting the Most Beautiful Islands of Croatia at Any Time of Year

As you can see, there is something for everyone on the most beautiful islands in Croatia, from wine tours and beaches to boat tours and sublime seafood. While many of these islands are accessible by ferry, boat tours are the best way to get around and the only way to visit certain attractions such as the Blue Lagoon or the infamous Blue Cave. Either way, you will not be disappointed by the islands of Croatia and these magical islands are ripe for an adventure at any time of year!

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