Split has many beaches that are located on the northern and southern part of the city and those beaches range from sandy, rocky and pebble type of beaches!

We will mention the most notorious ones and a bit less known ones, but very small and remote ones are up to your explorer soul to find in Split and even on other Islands thru the Croatian riviera, we are not stopping you!

If you are someone who loves to surf and big waves like in Australia, Croatian beaches are not for you then, if you are someone that loves calm and turquoise sea, with this article you will know where you need to go!

All of these beaches are accessible by boat transfer from Split.

Best beaches in Split:


By far the most popular beach in Split which is always a hotspot for the most popular water sport called picigin, where the main goal is to keep a, tennis sized ball always in the air, and at the same time try to make the most acrobatic jumps possible to “save” the ball from dropping in the water.

Bačvice beach in Split is a perfect place to spend the day with your family.

Nice café bars occupy almost every beach in Croatia, so its not shocking when you will find them, even sometimes restaurants that serve both as café and restaurant!


Close to Bačvice is another small pebble beach which attracts also visitors but if you don’t like big crowds, maybe its not for you, due to its limited size there can be a lot of people.

The next sandy beach is called Firule which is also serves as the name for the neighbourhood, this one is bigger in size then Bačvice which makes it also great for a nice family outing.

Café/clubs like Dvor and Mythos are positioned so that while drinking coffee you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Croatian sea.


Further away around 20 minutes walk is another beach called Trstenik which is also a pebble beach with a very nice promenade perfect for walking during the autumn or spring.

Žnjan beach is a old/new beach currecntly under cunstruction, soon here you will also be able to enjoy the sea and the sun while very close to the beach you will be able to find restaurants and cafes, along with a sports facility as well!

And the list goes on!


Next one is Duilovo, which is specific because it allows dogs! So don’t be afraid to get some Penalties, you dog can enjoy the Croatian sea along with you!


Before talking about the beach, what is Marjan? 

Marjan is a hill overlooking Split, with 178 meters of elevation it is covered with a Mediterranean pine forest and it is either surrounded with the sea or the city, making it when you reach the top, a unique site and the view is truly remarkable!

Now that you know what is Marjan lets talk about its beaches!

Marjan beaches are usually less crowded but don’t think that makes them less interesting, first beach (if you are going by foot from the West) is Ježinac beach which will take you around 15 minutes if you are walking, the beach has pine trees which offer a nice shade for the high temperatures which are a common occurrence especially in July and August when temperatures can reach up to 30C or even more.

If you really love to be alone and/or love night swimming, the beaches Kaštelet or Obojena are for you.

Then you can find Kašuni, this beach is a “3 in 1”, it is a combination of rocky, sandy and pebble, with beach bars where you can enjoy cocktails while relaxing on the deck and taking in the views.

Last but not least, is Bene beach, with a pine forest, and not just that!

If you are a sports person, then this beach is for you, here you will find a tennis and a football court, just keep in mind the beach is a little bit further away from the centre so a taxi or a rent a car would help you reach it faster, or if you like walking, no one is stopping you!

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