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7 najboljih otoka
7 najboljih otoka


Split is the kind of place that hits you smack dab in the face but the nearby islands offer just as much attraction as this exuberant city. It’s true, the second largest city in Croatia is overflowing with attractions but there are also many boat tours from Split and the Croatian coastline is teeming with pristine waters, verdant shores, historic towns and some incredible natural attractions.


But what islands should you actually visit?



In this article, we take a closer look at some of the most interesting islands and what boat tours from Split you should actually consider for your upcoming visit to Croatia:



1. Brac Island


As you may know, Brac is home to a long lineup of tranquil bays and stunning beaches including “Zlatni Rat”, while the rugged interior is teeming with lush forests, green hills and jagged peaks.


With two ancient towns, Bol and Supetar, this is also quite a historic island with many remnants from Neolithic times. With this in mind, you will find iconic squares and cobblestone streets at every turn and these towns can seem very atmospheric when you uncover the rich history.


For many visitors, Brac is the top priority in terms of island to visit in Croatia and with the ideal mix of scenery, history and relaxation, it’s easy to understand why.



2. Krknjasi Islands and the Blue Lagoon





Although certainly not as well-known as Hvar and Brac, you will find the infamous Blue Lagoon between two small islands - Krknjas Mail and Krkjnas Veli. However, the Blue Lagoon is arguably the highlight and while you may find it difficult to pronounce the names of nearby islands, the Blue Lagoon is unforgettable. With turquoise waters and near-perfect weather, this is often a more suitable, albeit shorter, option when it comes to boat trips from Split.



3. Korcula Island


Also known as the Emerald Isle, Korcula is another superb option for boat tours from Split. Located just south of Split, this charming island is best known for an especially historic old town and endless vineyards that spread out across the interior.


You see, Korcula is the birthplace of Marco Polo and then home to some of the finest Gothic-Renaissance facades in Croatia. In fact, the main town is often compared to Dubrovnik but the overall experience can seem much more personal and unique due to the smaller size.


As mentioned, Korcula is famous for vineyards and a rather sweet grape that produces an especially crisp wine. At the same time, the stunning beaches, tiny villages and small nature of the island is what makes Korcula such a popular choice for boat tours from Split.



4. Hvar Island






Although Hvar is slightly busy during peak season, secluded beaches and verdant olive groves are just as common on the island as anywhere else in the Adriatic. On the other hand, Hvar has an excellent array of restaurants, shops and hotels which is often absent on the islands. As if that’s not enough, you will find a vibrant nightlife on the island and a wealth of amenities that seem to attract the rich and famous from Croatia’s mainland. Split boat tours run daily trips to Hvar and if you want something a little more ‘modern’, this beautiful island offers a nice mix that never fails to disappoint.



5. Elaphiti Islands



Located in the Adriatic Sea, the Elaphiti Islands are also reachable on boats tours from Split. Featuring many beaches, coves and unspoiled landscapes, these stunning islands are also some of the lesser travelled destinations in Croatia. With this in mind, you can spend time exploring the hidden beaches and swimming or enjoying picnics without another soul in sight. After all, this is why most people visit such places – to get away from the crowds and into nature. Either way, the Elaphiti Islands provide an opportunity to get off the beaten track and visit a very remote part of the Adriatic.



6. Vis Island


While it takes a couple of hours to reach Vis island on boat tours from Split, the trip is relaxing and most certainly worth the wait. In fact, Vis is an ideal combination of scenery and Mediterranean charm with many small towns and a stunning beach called ‘Stiniva’. In this sense, there are many places to eat and lots of ‘small town experiences’ everywhere you go. Further along, you will find empty coves and bay, while the winding roads offer beautiful glimpses of the rugged interior. It might not be the first island to visit in Croatia but Split boat tours to Vis still offer a wonderful encounter with a nice cruise on either end, and be sure to visit the most popular location in Vis, the Blue Cave.



7. Mljet Island


In spite of such popularity, Mljet is surprisingly quiet and most of the island offers a distinctively unspoiled experience. In other words, Mljet was declared a National Park in 1960 but most visitors descend upon Pomena which means the island can feel unexplored for those who venture a little further. From shimmering lakes and colorful flowers to exotic wildlife species and luscious canopies, Mljet is a nature-lovers paradise and arguably the most attractive island in the Adriatic Sea.


In case you might be asking yourself, it’s also easy to get around and boat tours from Split are frequent such is the incredibly beauty of this spectacular island.


Final Thoughts:


It’s true, Split is a remarkable city with endless attractions and more than enough reasons to visit. However, exploring the islands in Croatia is a very different experience and the many boat tours from Split make these places highly accessible. Whether you seek relaxation or adventure, there is an island to suit every occasion and when it comes to nature, these luscious destinations offer some of the most stunning, charming and memorable scenery throughout Croatia.


 Just so you know, we operate daily boat tours from Split to all of the above destinations, check out all of our boat tours from Split.

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