Sailing in Croatia is just as popular nowadays and the many islands ensure there is no end of exciting attractions and places to visit, whether you have sailing experience or not.


For many people, the cities of Split and Dubrovnik sit rightly at the top of their list of places to visit in Croatia.

However, sailing in Croatia is just as popular nowadays and the many islands ensure there is no end of exciting attractions and places to visit, whether you have sailing experience or not.

It’s true, there are many excellent boat tours in Croatia for those who may wish to sit back and drink in the scenery while someone else takes care of the boat. Anyway, the point is, sailing is such an amazing way to see the country and, we can now take a look at seven things you should know before you go sailing in Croatia:

1. Consider the Shoulder Months and Visit the Blue Lagoon without the Crowds

As you may know, sailing in Croatia is especially popular in July and August. At that time of year, the weather is most reliable and this time of year is often more convenient for seasonal workers in Europe.

With this in mind, you might want to consider sailing in Croatia during the shoulder months of May and September. After all the water is just as clear at this time and the climate is often just as pleasant.

As for the crowds, you can expect fewer people at the most popular attractions such as the Blue Cave and Blue Lagoon.

2. You Should Expect and Embrace the Wind While Sailing in Croatia

Let’s face it, most people expect windy conditions when they go sailing in Croatia but not so many people anticipate the extent of wind that they might find. In other words, you can expect to be at the mercy of the wind when you go sailing and it’s best to have some expectations in this sense.

For instance, motoring against the wind is common on any boating trip so you should expect a little discomfort on occasion. That being said, maybe you won’t even notice and maybe the weather will be pristine perfect for your boat tour to Bol – you just never know and it’s all part of the adventure!

3. Try to Focus on the Process as Opposed to Each Destination

Sailing in Croatia is extremely relaxing and whether you opt for the day tours or multi-day tours, these are some of the most enjoyable boat trips in Europe. At the same time, you should know that sailboats can only make eight knots and just five without the motor. For this reason, it takes time to reach each destination and appreciating the process of sailing will help you enjoy the trip even more.

That is to say, try not to look forward on your itinerary too much and make a conscious effort to live in the moment, drink in the scenery and find beauty in the actual journey instead of each destination.

4. Boat Tours are Often More Enjoyable than “DIY”

It’s true, nothing beats the freedom of sailing a beautiful yacht on the wide-open ocean. However, you have so much to think about on this type of trip that taking a boat tour can be more enjoyable.

For example, your skipper can take care of all the essentials like navigation and maintenance. Also, you will likely have a tour guide that can point out all the best places to eat, drink or visit whenever you stop. What’s more, taking a boat tour to the Blue Lagoon, Blue Cave of even Bol on the island of Brac is much more affordable than renting your own yacht.

5. What to Wear for a Boat Tour in Croatia

You don’t need to take much clothing on a boat tour. One swimsuit, some shorts and two t-shirts is usually enough. For ladies, a sundress is great but you don’t really need shoes on a boat so take whatever footwear helps you feel comfortable on land. In terms of fabric, cotton, linen and other light materials are great because they can breathe and help keep you cool. Either way, try to take as little as you need and avoid carrying a big bag or suitcase that will likely clutter up the boat for other passengers.

6. What Else You Should Not Forget

You can opt for big spray if you want but whatever happens, don’t forget your sun lotion and sun glasses. It’s true bug spray is great for keeping mosquitoes at bay but without sun glasses, the glare of the sun is enough to ruin your trip on a sunny day – something that happens a lot in Croatia.

Similarly, without sun lotion, you can expect rather serious consequences and you will absolutely need this on deck. Also, it’s a great idea to take tablets for motion or seasickness.

But that’s just part of the story….

7. Seasickness Can Happen to Absolutely Anyone

Believe it or not, nobody is immune to seasickness. Most often, passengers will feel unwell at the beginning of a boat tour but there is also a little science to this phenomenon. That is, you can potentially avoid feeling this way with the right knowledge and approach.

For instance, you can shake off queasiness by getting back up on deck but you will need to act fast, for nausea can set in quickly. If you need to vomit, it’s sometimes best to let nature take its’ course and this can sometimes get the seasickness out of your system.

But how else might you be able to prevent seasickness?

It might sound silly but try visiting the marina one night before your boat tour. In this way, you can start to acclimatize but also desensitize yourself to the experience. You see, many people get seasick because they think about it too much. If you can feel more relaxed, you will have much less chance of getting seasick while sailing in Croatia.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, much of what you need to know about sailing in Croatia is common sense but mistakes do happen and even the sun lotion is sometimes overlooked. While you might not have any experience on the sea, boat tours cover almost every island and port in Croatia. O that’s not enough, sailing in Croatia is arguably the number one best way to see this incredible destination.

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